10 Steps of Effective Marketing

  1. Have a Budget and Plan  (get creative with the plan.. it's ok!)
  2. Utilize about 5 main marketing tactics/approaches.  
  3. Include your slogan on ALL your marketing materials (please, please make sure you slogan is not boring and non-memorable.  Be clever and humorous.) 
  4. Use testimonials whenever possible.   
  5. Use benefit statements that work for your target audience (feature-benefit approach.  no one cares unless you give them a benefit).  
  6. Have a unique and professional look (great example, www.adamroachismycoach.com
  7. Personalize your ads and events as much as possible. 
  8. Have consisten, repetitive saturation schedule.  
  9. Utilize direct response marketing (I will talk about this on a later blog).  
  10. Develop a means for capturing, tracking and following up on a response.