Why being on time is NOT always a good thing!

This is a personal story, and has nothing to do with business.  However it does have to do with drive, motivation and the focus of achieving what you want!   And it's my true story!


This was why being early is NOT always a good thing.  Let me set the scene. 5:45am, I arrive at the airport at for a 7:30am flight. I have a connection in another city and I'm going home to be with my son on his 5th birthday.  As I'm going through security line, I notice there is also a 6:30am flight going to the same connection city.  I think, I'm early, why not see if there is a seat available on the earlier flight.  To my surprise there is and it's only a $50 change fee (normally if you attempt to do that via the internet they charge you the difference in the price plus the change fee), so I thought why not.  As I'm sitting in the terminal waiting to board I notice the desk workers starting to look a little panicked.  They come on the loud speaker and say, "The Captain of the plane is here, we just can't find the flight attendances."  Continue Reading.