Is Craigslist Ghosting Driving You Crazy?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your Craigslist ads get more traffic than others? Why is this? The reason is that sometimes your ads never really show up. That's why they use the term "Ghosted," your ads are like ghosts that no one will ever see. In this blog I will give you some ideas as to why this happens and how to stop it from ever happening again.

When you create your ad and click post, to make your it go "Live" you are not aware and are given no indication that your ad is going to be ghosted. You go through the normal posting process for posting an ad. In fact you are given an URL as if it did go live, but it never shows up on the main paige of Craigslist. The problem is that under certain circumstances, the staff at Craigslist and/or the algorithm, decides that there is something wrong or suspect with your post. The have created a back room, an underground Craigslist, where all these ghosted posts go to never be seen. These posts become like a disembodied ghost just roaming around hoping someone will see them, but sadly this never happens. Your post will never see the light of day. It's not allowed to play nicely with all the other ads.


Here are a few simple steps to prevent your ads from being ghosted:
While these are some general rules described by Craigslist as what they would like you to do, it doesn't mean that this will help you every time for the reasons I just mentioned.

1- Post at different times of the day (7am, 12pm, 7am)

2- If you are going to post more often than once a week, or post in multiple locations, be sure to use a proxy or change your IP address. (my suggestion, not theirs)

3- Don't use the same wording in your ads. Get a thesaurus and learn how to say the same thing in a million ways. If they catch the same phrases being used too many times, you are considered a spammer. 

4- Don't use same HTML codes over and over again. 

5- If you are going to post images in your posts limit it to only a few pictures and don't use certain file hosting sites. At certain times they decide some places are not to their liking so you may have to change around. I know for a while they didn't like Photobucket. Try Imageshack, Google images, or whatever other place you can find.

6- Have multiple accounts.