Simple solutions for creating a Niche Marketing plan

It's simple, to find a solution for creating a niche marketing plan follow the below ideas:

- Who are your people?  If you are a real estate agent, here are a few ideas: singles, newlyweds, divorcees, animal lovers (once a lover, always a lover.. people know who you are, they like you and they trust you.. put a puppy in your marketing picture!), alternative lifestyles (gay and lesbian.. you might be or you might not, doesn't matter),  sports enthusiast, hight net worth individuals/groups, etc..  You should get the point by now, target a specific group.


- What are your places?   More examples for real estate agents: The beach, specific neighborhoods, farms (horse, agriculture, eco-farming, etc), private hunting land, golf courses, college towns, planned communities, etc.. Get specific with your exact place. 

- What type of Building?   Again, more examples for real estate agents (can you tell I work mostly with agents?): historic properties, green construction, multi-generational (the buyer wants to buy it to pass down to family members), mid-50's (Palm Springs, CA), Hollywood Regency (don't get me started with that story), high-rise, mid-rise, etc.

You should now, have an idea of how to start your niche marketing plan.  Remember, get small, get specific, find an exact target and then ATTACK!!   

Golden Rule: When you advertise, YOU are the attraction.  The more content you have about that specific niche, the more YOU will be the attraction and the expert.   

So now what?  Go right now, and start creating a simple, yet detailed, niche marketing plan to attract the right clientele!   

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