"I started coaching with Adam Roach 2.5 years ago.  I had a full time job and was working in real estate part time.  He set me up on a plan to go full time in real estate in a year.  Less than a year later I had closed 20 transactions and was able to go full time!  Last year was my first full time year and with Adam's help I closed 47 sides.  This year I'm on track to take 70 listings and will close 70 transactions at a minimum.   This would not be possible without having Adam as my coach.  We also recently finished a kw training event that lasted eight week.  I took 11 listings and 8 sales.  The top agents in the training were all coached by Adam!  If you want to be a great agent, YOU should be coached by Adam."

Jim Gilday, kw | Indianapolis Metro North


“If you are alert, you recognize life changing moments and embrace them. One of mine was the day I hooked up with Adam Roach, as my coach. At age 63, with 40 years in sales and 13 years in real estate sales, it’s often difficult to admit that you don’t know as much about yourself as you think you do. I’ve been in coaching with Adam now for over a year and my business is up 500%. He has an uncanny ability to read people and the wisdom to help them find their own way to greater achievement, by helping them discover their own little keys that unlock their potential. God has a plan for all of us, and having Adam Roach as my Coach is part of His plan for me.”

- Steve Benedict, kw | Indianapolis Metro North


"Working in Beverly Hills, Adam Roach always presented himself with assured charm and patience -- which are rare to see in an environment filled with such diverse egos.  My experience with his teaching on the courts was, itself, a course in how to handle people, isolate their strengths and help them build new skills on a solid foundation.  He knows how to guide clients and meet their excuses, demands and queries with a voice of harmonious authority and experience.  His counsel was sought then -- and afterwards, as he successfully shifted into entrepreneurial business and real estate ventures.  I've utilized his training both on the court and off, and I see his cultivating of each individual client as giving them the necessary tools for their specific needs in today's shifting markets."

- Jonathan Woods, Los Angeles, CA


"Adam Roach is an amazing coach!  I have had the privilege of working with Adam for 3 years, and because of his coaching, my business, mindset and life have changed.  He has a wonderful way of helping me discover what I’m not seeing, and his ability to get me to recognize and change my core issues has helped me greatly!  Do not miss an opportunity to coach with Adam!"

- Beverly Fast Sinclair, Founder and Creator of TakeThatListing.com


"I wanted to write you a quick email thanking you for everything you have done to help get my career and life back on the right track.  You are incredible at what you do and a phenomenal leader.  You are as genuine as they come and I don't want you to think that I take anything you've done for me and my family for granted.  You are a class act and someone I truly admire.  I strive to become a better person each day because of you.  Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy it to the fullest!  Please know I am forever grateful."

- Greg Polak, Charleston Property Expert, CEO