Why being on time is NOT always a good thing!

We are now 10 mins late from the original board time.  To hedge my bet on this plane leaving on time, I walk over to my original 7:30am flight gate and ask them if I can keep my seat on the original flight just in case the 6:30am flight doesn't leave on time.  To my surprise the say yes!  

It's now 6:45am, they have found the flight attendance and we finally board the flight.  I'm in zone 1 (which is always good, you board first after all the idiots who pay more to walk over a different rug) and in an isle row.  As the other passengers get on, I notice a maintenance man checking the pilots area.  Thinking it's routine I don't really pay attention.  As I look to my right, I notice an off duty pilot sitting with his family.  I remember as I boarded the plane he was in the pilots cabin looking over a few things with the other pilots.  He is now conversing with his wife saying something like, everything should be just fine.  Now I also notice that there is an off duty flight attendant siting in the row just in front of me.  She is clearly friends with the flight attendants that showed up late, as they are bringing her water and snacks.  

It's now 7:10am and we still haven't left. The flight is packed and everyone is pissed!  I think to myself, well if we leave in the next 5 to 10 mins, I will still be ahead of my original flight.  Now the off duty pilot is being asked to come to the front, and the off duty flight attendance, clearly nosey, goes up too.  They walk back to their seats as if everything is ok. Then less than 30 secs later I listen to the flight attendant tell her friend, "we ain't going no where and you better get off."  Hearing that I grab my backpack and start to head to the door and get on my other flight.  

It's now 7:15am.  I'm told the other flight is now full and the doors are shut.  I say, "it's 7:15am, the doors shouldn't be shut and I have a seat on that plan."  He tells me, "can't help you sir, now please go sit down."  I do.  Then it hits me, it's my son's birthday and I'm not going to miss it.  I wait for the right time when all the flight personal has their backs turned and make a dash for the flight door.  I make it!  

As I'm walking up to the gate, I see the lady who originally change my flight and I tell her I'm going to the other plan.  It's now 7:18am and she also says, "it's full sir, if you get off this plane you will loose your seat."  I'm think to myself, who wants to get on a plane that ain't going no where?  I run over to my original gate and ask the check-in employee if I may have my original seat.  She looks at me and says, "the door is closed and there aren't many seats left."  I ask her if she has kids, which she answers yes.  I then ask if she ever missed one of their birthdays and she says no.  I then tell her, please don't be the one that makes me to miss my son's birthday.  She looks at me and says, "who let you off that plan and told you to come over here?"  I just pointed and said, he did.  There wasn't a man in sight!  She says in a haste, "let me see what I can do."  She then gets on here walkie-talkie and says, "You are not to let anyone else off that plane."  She hands me a ticket and says run.  

It's 7:23am now.  I board the plane and to my amazement it's only half full!  I can sit anywhere and they had been lying to me.  I grab a seat at the back of the plane and  look out the window at the poor saps who where originally to leave at 6:30am.  I sit back, strap in and leave on time!  

Moral of the story, if you want something bad enough you will make it happen!  Being on time is NOT always a good thing!